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Aspiration Abortions

Posted by tshwaneclinic on June 14, 2017 at 5:00 AM

What is the Aspiration Abortion Procedure?


An Aspiration Abortion is a safe, gentle, and effective non-surgical procedure that is often considered to be the optimal way to end an early pregnancy. At Tshwane women's clinic we have board certified OB/GYNs who are specially trained in early abortion care and perform the procedure in a time span of 2-5 minutes. The procedure is completed in one of our state of the art medical examination rooms. Aspiration Abortion uses gentle suction to naturally remove the pregnancy tissue into a handheld device. There are no loud, abrasive noises, and we do not use the dilation and curettage technique (D&C) used at other centers. One of the greatest aspects of an Aspiration Abortion is that the recovery time is instantaneous. Women leave our offices and are able to return to their normal activities immediately. When bleeding occurs it is often light, less than bleeding incurred during a period. One of the side effects from the procedure is cramping, however the cramping only lasts a short period of time and it is considered to be mild cramping for most women.

How does an Aspiration Abortion Work?


Your Board Certified OB/GYN will carefully insert a speculum into the vaginal opening, typical of a regular pap-smear or gynecological exam. Through the speculum a thin sterile cannula straw will be inserted into the natural opening of the cervix. The straw is attached to the Pro-Vac device which creates a gentle suction. Pregnancy tissue is gently removed into the device. Because the procedure takes place through a natural opening there are no incisions or “cutting” involved. There a several types of manual aspiration devices. At Tshwane women's clinic we use the newest state of the art Pro-Vac Aspiration System. When we compared Pro-Vac to the Mini-Vac procedure we found Pro-Vac to be gentler to the uterine lining causing less bleeding, discomfort, and no uterine scarring to the patient.


Aspiration Advantages over the Abortion Pill/RU-486


At Tshwane women's clinic we complete the procedure in 2-5 minutes.

The procedure requires only one appointment with the doctor, and no secondary visit or follow-up is required.

There are no “take home” instructions, and the pregnancy can be confirmed to be terminated during your same office visit.

Women who experience bleeding, have a light amount of bleeding, often less than a period.

When experiencing cramping it is mild and only last a couple of minutes.

Aspiration Advantages over a Surgical Abortion

(Dilation and Curettage/D&C)


In an Aspiration Abortion women often have immediate recovery and they are able to resume normal activities as soon as they leave our private offices.

An Aspiration Abortion involves no scrapping and scarring to the uterine lining.

The handheld device is a gentle and safe instrument unlike the metal instrument used in a surgical abortion.

The gentle suction is applied by your doctor and not by a forceful electric suction machine.

With an Aspiration Abortion women do not undergo the risk of the major complications associated with Surgical Abortions.

What to expect during an Aspiration Abortion

at Tshwane women's clinic


You will be greeted by our friendly receptionist in our beautifully decorated private OB/GYN office

We only schedule one appointment at a time, and several a day, so there won’t be a busy, cramped waiting room typical of abortion centers or clinics

We are a full service OB/GYN office, so other than you and our staff no one will know you are there for an abortion

You may fill out our patient forms in the office or patient forms online

You have your own private examination room, which you can stay in until you leave the office

You will have one private nurse specially assigned to you

You will have a pregnancy test and ultrasound completed by your board certified OB/GYN to confirm your pregnancy

Your board certified OB/GYN will counsel you regarding different treatment options for a termination of pregnancy and different methods of pain control

If you chose to undergo an Aspiration Abortion, your OB/GYN will then insert a thin tube into the natural opening of the cervix. Attached to the thin tube is a handheld device, which will apply a mild suction pressure

After 2-3 minutes the doctor removes the hand held device and the procedure is over

A second sonogram is used to double check that the procedure was successful

You then lay down for several minutes, relax, enjoy a snack/beverage and then you can go home to resume your normal activities. This procedure is considered to be extremely simple and mild

You can expect a total office appointment time of 1-1.5 hours

We welcome, parents, spouses, or companions. If you bring a companion they can be with you during your entire visit


Frequently asked questions about Aspiration Abortions:


Is an Aspiration Abortion a surgical procedure?


The Aspiration Procedure is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, which does not involve any cutting, scraping, scarring or surgery. The entire procedure takes place using a natural cervical opening.

How early during my pregnancy can I have an Aspiration Abortion?


An Aspiration Abortion can be performed as soon as we can observe the pregnancy sac by our vaginal sonogram which is as early as 3 weeks from the last menstrual period (LMP).

How far into my pregnancy can I have an Aspiration Abortion?


An Aspiration Abortion can be performed anywhere up to 13.5 weeks of pregnancy.

How long does and Aspiration Procedure take?


At Tshwane women's clinic you will be taken care of by a Board certified OB/GYN specially trained in early abortion options. As such, with your physicians expertise the entire procedure usually takes less than five minutes to perform.

How safe is an Aspiration Abortion?


An Aspiration Abortion is one of the safest outpatient procedures. We use disposable equipment for our procedures; and we emphasize cleanliness and sterility throughout our office. Our patient’s safety and care is our ultimate priority. Statistically, it is 9 times more dangerous to go through childbirth than to have an abortion.

How effective is an Aspiration Abortion?


An Aspiration Abortion is typically 99-100% effective.

Are there long-term cancer risks or risk for future pregnancies with an Aspiration Abortion?


Following exhaustive reviews, the South African governments have concluded that there is no association between abortion and any types of cancer. Abortions performed in the first trimester pose virtually no long-term risk of problems such as infertility, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) or birth defects.

How long does recovery typically take after an Aspiration Abortion?


Our patients resume typically resume normal activities immediately and you can have sexual intercourse after 24 hours. Unlike surgical procedures you DO NOT undergo a long and strenuous recovery.

How much pain should I expect from the Aspiration Procedure?


The procedure when performed at Tshwane women's clinic is typically non-painful. We realize that pain is very subjective and varies from person to person. To minimize your discomfort in any situation our Board Certified OB/GYNs will offer you local cervical anesthetic “numbing” blocks, or “twilight/light” sedation. Regardless of which type of anesthesia was initially chosen, we make sure you do not feel any discomfort before or during the procedure. With these options, patients usually find the procedure to be completely painless. Many centers don’t have the expertise to provide these anesthetic methods and patients often complain of significant discomfort and cramping.

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