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Posted by tshwaneclinic on December 19, 2019 at 1:10 AM

Cape Town Women Clinic is an abortion clinic performing first, second, and late term abortions. Also offering abortion pill, morning after pill, day after pill. Our mission will always be to provide all women and their families with the highest quality abortion care available at the lowest possible cost.



One in five women has turned to Planned Parenthood at some time in her life for professional, non-judgmental, and confidential care. Abortion is a safe and legal medical procedure for a woman to consider, if and when she needs it. Having a child is an important choice, and knowing all your options can help you to make the best decision. Remember that you have options when facing a pregnancy. Whether you choose adoption, parenthood, or abortion, getting all the information about each possibility will help you to make and feel good about your decision. If you think you might be pregnant because you've missed your period, had unprotected sex or are experiencing other symptoms that make you think you might be pregnant – we are here for you! At Vaal you won’t find anyone who is judging you, forcing you to make a decision regarding your pregnancy or making money off your decision. Instead, you’ll find caring women, many who are medical professionals that are available to offer you FREE pregnancy tests and FREE ultrasounds. If you really are pregnant, you’ll find helpful peer coaches who will help you explore every option you have and help walk you through the process.


Abortion Procedure (safe and caring)


Redcross womenClinic performs abortions from early pregnancy to late second trimester. We offer both surgical and medical abortions. All abortion services are strictly confidential and no parental consent is required. No information will be shared with anyone without your written consent.




We provide counselling prior to all abortion procedures and, if interested, will provide information about birth control options that suit your lifestyle. IUD insertions and prescriptions for hormonal contraceptives are available. We can insert the IUD at the time of the abortion or at your check-up.




You will be offered medication to help alleviate discomfort and anxiety, keeping you as comfortable as possible. We use intravenous sedation during the procedure and oral pain medication in the recovery room.






A surgical abortion is short, simple and safe. The procedure itself takes about three to five minutes, after which you will able to rest and recover in our post-op area. Abortion is one of the safest and most common surgical procedures performed today.




A medical abortion is an abortion by medication rather than surgery. We offer medical abortion using Mifegymiso, also called the Abortion Pill. In Ontario the cost of Mifegymiso is now covered under OHIP.




• Client information and informed consent


• What's next? (Step-by-step instructions for your medical abortion)


• What to expect (side effects and complications)




If you are uncertain what kind of abortion procedure is right for you then read our information flyer how do I choose?




We provide follow up for any patient experiencing problems post procedure as well as to clients interested in discussing birth control. If you feel well, you can use your regular health care provider or a sexual health clinic. Follow ups are recommended 2-3 weeks post procedure.


Please note that a pregnancy test may be positive for up to 4 weeks post procedure.


Please read our FAQ for typically asked questions and familiarize yourself with what to expect before and after an appointment.




If ending your pregnancy in ultimate privacy and the comfort of your home is a priority, the Abortion Pill may be the right option for you. We will do a free a delivery of your treatment at your favorite address





Tel. 0127706489


Mob. 0769584809




Walk-In appointments are welcome, every day before noon. We recommend calling for availability.


No Judgement. No Pressure. Completely Confidential.

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