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Posted by tshwaneclinic on November 6, 2017 at 3:45 AM

Abortion Pill - Pretoria, Gauteng - RU486 - Mifeprex - 0127723033


222 Schoeman Street(Francis Baard), Finpark Building opposite Labour Department Suite 208/9


Non-surgical termination of pregnancy is an alternative method for ending an early pregnancy (up to 8 weeks) without surgery or anesthesia. At Tshwane women clinic, part of our philosophy is to offer our patients different choices. This procedure will allow patients to have the termination of pregnancy in their own comfort and privacy. Our physicians and staff will ensure that the patients be provided with all information and instructions necessary for the procedure.


At Tshwane women clinic we offer the Abortion Pill (also known as RU486 or Mifeprex), approved by the FDA in October of 2000 or the injection Methotrexate as choices for non-surgical termination of pregnancy. You will be provided with information on both medications . RU486 and Methotrexate work the same way, their job is to block a hormone needed for the pregnancy to continue. Therefore, it will end the pregnancy, however a second medication called misoprostol will be needed for the completion of the procedure. At the time of the visit and after an individualized counseling session you will have the freedom to choose in between RU486 and Methotrexate as your choice for the medical abortion.


The use of these medications in terminations up to 8 weeks of pregnancy is safe, but lengthy procedure that requires commitment to at least two office visits to ensure that the pregnancy has been completely terminated and the desire to actively participate in the abortion process. In order to qualify for a non-surgical procedure you have to be no more than 8 weeks pregnant and absolutely certain in your decision to proceed with the termination. Once the medication has been started, the abortion must be completed.


During your first visit to the office medical history will be collected as well as all the information required for the procedure. Our board certified OB/GYN physician will performed a sonogram to determine the length of the pregnancy and if you qualified medications will be provided.


You will be required to return to our office within one to two-weeks period time after your first visit. During your follow up visit a sonogram will be performed to evaluate the completion and safety of the procedure. Contraceptives options will be also discussed in your follow up visit.

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